Boarding Your Pet at Bay Kennels

Bay Kennels is a family owned business with everyone working towards the same goal: to provide a worry-free environment for your pet while you are away. All dogs are required to have a full complement of shots, which includes: rabies, DHLPP and bordetella. Vaccinations are required to be current before boarding check-in.

The kennel facility is designed with your pet’s comfort in mind. Some of the features include:

  • air-conditioned and heated runs
  • large exercise area
  • sleeping platforms
  • air-circulating fans

Reservations are required for boarding space. We recommend calling at least two weeks ahead of time to reserve your kennel space. For holiday weekends, please call at least three weeks in advance.

Since we live on the premises, we are able to offer more convenient drop-off and pick-up times. Evening and weekends drop-offs and pick-ups are by appointment.

Dogs are “aired” several times a day, morning and evening. The dogs are kept in individual kennel runs that are 4’x10′. The runs have solid walls that extend to 5′ to provide privacy for your pet. We have an enclosed outside area where the dogs can exercise and take care of their needs. You are welcome to bring a couple of your dog’s favorite toys along with a washable blanket or rug for sleeping on. In certain situations, you may prefer to bring your dog’s own food.

Cats are kept in a separate facility from the dogs. The cats have individual cages that provide two levels of space. The litter box, food and water are kept on the bottom of the cage with sleeping on the upper level. You are welcome to bring a couple of your cat’s favorite toys and a small blanket or rug to sleep on. In certain situations, you may prefer to bring your cat’s own food. Cat cages are cleaned daily along with fresh water and food.

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