Obedience Training For Your Dog

Group classes meet for one hour one evening each week for eight weeks. This class teaches the basic manners of sit, stay, come, down, heel and place. The dogs should be a minimum of six month of age. We recommend that as many members of the family attend the training classes as possible. This will help with the consistency of the commands and corrections. Your dog will learn and retain the training when the commands and corrections are applied consistently. Since other dogs and their families are present, this is a great opportunity to socialize your dog.

In addition to the group class settings, we have a comprehensive training program.  In this program, your dog stays at the kennel for the eight week training.  Your dog is trained everyday by Bay Kennels professional dog trainer.  The same basic obedience commands are taught as in the group class setting.  We like to have the owners come once a week to the group class to learn what your dog has learned.  This program is perfect for the person who wants to leave the critical training to the professional trainer or if your dog would have behavior problems that a professional should handle. 

Call us at 712-258-4055 for information on joining a class. 

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